Culinary courses on traditional Umbrian Cuisine

Our culinary courses shall be based on the preparation of traditional Umbrian entrees and typical side-dish combinations.  Cooking regional cuisine means learning traditional preparation techniques as well as the legumes, vegetables, game meats and all other ingredients that make a regional dish unique and authentic. For example did you know that Umbrian potato and spelt gnocchi  are quite different from potato gnocchi, the globally renown Italian Cuisine classic?

Potato and spelt gnocchi are prepared using delicious red potatoes from Colfiorito and spelt flour. The use of spelt flour traces back to the pre-Roman era of the Etruscans (that lived in Central Italy in the 8th-5th Century BCE), whose heritage still permeates the gastronomic and cultural traditions of Umbria as well as other regions in central Italy.

The Culinary course

Our Chef Graziano De Matteis will let you “play with the dough”. Are you ready to become a culinary ambassador for Umbria?

Upon completion of the course, students will taste the entrees together with the most appropriate regional wine and receive their Certificate of Accomplishment.

Photos of the entrees will also be published on Flickr and Facebook and the student with the most “likes” will win a succulent prize.

* Il corso in oggetto è monotematico ma su richiesta si potranno organizzare anche corsi di cucina di menu completi o di decorazioni Tutti i corsi andranno prenotati in anticipo

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