Monte Subasio Park

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Le Silve is surrounded by two hundred and thirty hectares of Parco del Monte Subasio parkland at 700 metres altitude. It is tucked in amongst broad-leaved woods inhabited by wild deer where there are also olive plantations, fields and meadows, free-range pig farms, cows, game and a riding school. For incredibly beautiful views of nature you can avail of a horseback trek, a Nordic hike or a mountain bike trip over 20 kilometres of paths in the parkland. Sometimes you can happen upon foxes, badgers, porcupines and wild boar. The numerous and curious deer are guaranteed sightings along the edges of the Parkland.

It’s impossible not to be conquered by the profound peace and quiet that transports you to infinity and makes you want to fly up into the azure sky and sun over these Umbrian hills.
You can go on a guided tour of the farm which can be organised beforehand with our personnel where you can see many interesting things such as the barns and herds of deer. You can experience untouched nature first-hand from the Cascatelle, Ponte Cavaliero gorges, to the field photography stations of deer and wild boar. The luckiest will catch the rare sight of a wolf, the jewel in the crown of a bygone era.
Farm products are available both for purchase and to be eaten on the premises such as extra virgin olive oil, grilled meats, cold cuts and saffron.
The majority of the produce is prepared and suggested by the Hotel Le Silve’s Armentum restaurant chefs.