Creativity, Research
and great respect for Tradition

Esteem and mastery for the reinterpretations of Umbrian recipes, where taste is exalted without distorting the character.


OUR SPECIALTIES … goodness Km Zero from our farm!
Meat choices and raised the old fashioned way, homemade pasta, sweets and products from our production oven, jams and compotes prepared by gathering fruits in our estate.

Are you vegetarian? In a green location like ours you will satisfy your taste buds with a delicious selection of baked vegetables, high-grade vegetables, soups, salads and much more.

Cook at Km Zero
the products of our farm

Health is a primary and why we select only quality raw materials well, personally verifying the production chain, with more attention to the environment. If you like us, you believe in spending at km 0, let yourselves be enthralled dall’ecologica and sustainable quality of the products of our vegetable garden.


Have you recently discovered to be celiac or living together for years with the intolerance of celiac disease?

AIC_logoAFC_quadro_rosso Our gluten-free menu will intrigue for flavor and imagination.

Anyway, in case of intolerance or allergies, our Chef Antonio Falcone and all the staff will advise and guide you in the tasting of the products best suited to your needs.

The Locations

The Armentum restaurant has a dining room (Salle a manger),
one for breakfasts and lunches and a panoramic bar room overlooking the woods of Assisi and the Nature Park of Monte Subasio

The panoramic lounge bar offers the spectacle of nature and the Natural Park of Mount Subasio of Assisi, through the bright windows.

An elegant and laid-back atmosphere where you can relax with a good tea or a scented herbal herbal tea or slowly taste our meditation wine selection in front of the hot flame of the fireplace. In the beautiful season, the outdoor terrace of the bar will give you the most beautiful sunsets in the woods of Assisi by sipping an aperitif or a glass of renowned Umbrian wines.

A unique Assisi restaurant of its kind where the gorgeous salad to manger, will make you go back in time! The setting of the restaurant Armentum de Le Silve tells of a glorious Middle Ages through the beams, the living stone and the terracotta bricks.

Where once pastors spent the night with their flocks enchanted by the heat of the flame of the fireplace, today you can relive the same suggestions, and discover the blend of the flavors of the past with the new recipes of Umbrian tradition.

Armentum will be the perfect restaurant in Assisi for a romantic candlelight dinner, in front of the fireplace flame!

… And in the summer you can enjoy the picturesque outdoor setting, on the natural terrace, enjoying the breathtaking panorama of an unmatched sunset over the wonderful valley of Assisi accompanying the sun behind the hills of the city of Perugia

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