The Estate

Arrival date

Welcome to two hundred-thirty hectares of land at 700 meters above sea level in Mount Subasio Park, surrounded by ancient woods populated by deer, foxes, wild boars, birds, cattle, horses and donkeys. Welcome to nature, Umbria and Le Silve di Armenzano.

Get ready to go on a horseback ride, stroll though the woods, learn Nordic walking, explore the trails on a mountain bike? There are more than 20 km worth of trails and beaten paths to enjoy on our estate, innumerable ways to interact with nature and savor the miracles of creation cradled by breath-takingly wild, pristine panoramas.

Watch your cute and furry neighbors go about their business… up-close.

Close encounters with the friendly inhabitants of the park

Are you ready for a wild encounter? Foxes, badgers, porcupines and wild boars are just a few of our tenants. You are bound to meet some curious, majestic deer as well while walking along our woodsy, green canopied trails. It is impossible not to feel at peace and part of infinity itself here; so go ahead, let your spirit soar and ride the wind between the endless blue skies and sun-kissed, verdant hills of Umbria.

Guided Walking tours

We gladly arrange guided walking tours of the estate upon request so you may visit and get acquainted with the estate’s stables, deer herds, wild sites such as the mesmerizing  waterfalls and gorges respectively named Cascatelle and Gole del Ponte Cavaliero, the best photo-hunting spots for deer, wild boars and, if you’re really lucky, a sight bound to stir anyone’s primordial instincts: wolves.

The Farm

Le Silve - La Fattoria

Do you remember the famous song “In the old farm” that we sang all, at least once in your life?

Once they arrived at the uvula and started to sing Silve Armenzano prepared because there is Uncle Bruno ready to make you make friends with all the animals on the estate.

The estate, in fact, is also a working farm, forestry and pastoral address. Herds of cattle, pigs (with local hardy breeds) and deer are brady, in other words our animals move freely within our woods and pastures.

In spring you may also run into the fox who has the curious habit to come and take food to the door of the house, especially for those staying in the house.

You have the camera? Take them with you to photograph deer, wild boars, badgers, hedgehogs and porcupines … and mysterious and funny inhabitants of the forest!


Would you like to take them for a ride?


Avete mai provato l’esperienza di fare un giro sul dorso di un asinello?

This page is dedicated to the artwork of our youngest guests… as well the pictures and videos of those young at heart.
So what are you waiting for? Let everyone know about your farm friends and adventures at the Le Silve di Assisi Estate… Yee-haw-ee-i-o!!

Hey kids, right after mini-golf  Uncle Bruno will be waiting to show you the magical world of farming!!

You’ll go to the stables, open the doors, feed the donkeys, horses, calves, piglets and then go see where the deer play hide and seek, and around 4 PM have a nice snack outside, munching on natural foods made fresh right here on the farm, play around and maybe even ride a cute donkey!
Tell your parents to fill out this form so we can let them know all about the special games, treats and natural discoveries you could enjoy here!

Typical products

The Umbrian food tradition boasts many cozy and tasty treats also thanks to its fertile and generous land. Our products are the result of genuine real natural production techniques. We are by nature, we respect it, we love it and we take care of the fruits that can offer us.

In most cases, therefore, the products have a distinctly seasonal character and quantitatively vary in relation to the time of year.

Le Silve - Prodotti tipici


  • Cultivation of saffron, producing saffron in threads
  • Olive trees, producing strictly cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil
  • Organic fruits and vegetables for the restaurant of the hotel and for agritourism guests
  • Cherry trees, producing jam


We breed pigs, cattle, deer, chickens and geese are produced delicious Umbrian sausages, meats to be eaten fresh, eggs and milk. Guests can sample the farm produce, consume on the spot, making ‘goodness stocks’ to take to return home or to give as gifts to friends and relatives.

For those who celebrate marriage in Le Silve, we realize the “nature favors”, small and original compositions with farm products to offer in homage to guests and wedding witnesses.

Most of the products are prepared and proposed by our chef and you can taste them in our restaurant Armentum. Stay in one of the apartments of our houses? You should definitely experience the pleasure of our produce and try out tasty and original recipes.

Le Silve Armenzano of Assisi taste is naturally on the table!