Wellness package Caress of Radiant Light

Treat yourself to a bit ‘of time to rediscover the harmony between your body and your mind through a ritual of relaxation and wellness in the amazing park at the Romantik Hotel le Silve
Day 1 : Awareness
HATHA YOGA in the nature
The art of breathing, awareness of the mind and body. With meditation you will find the peace and stillness in which you can hear the voice of your heart. We finish the lesson with deep relaxation.
– Initial Relaxation
– Practice of breathing techniques “Pranayama” “ Kapalabathi ”
– Sun Salutation “Surya Namaskara”
– Asanas “postures and benefits”
– Final Relaxation
Day 2 : radiant light
Pampering your body
For Her
Luce reoxygenation
Light scrub to smooth and restore your face’s normal texture, relieves dryness; your skin will be radiant, younger looking , the treatment will end with a massage to smooth and oxygenate your skin, with particular focus on the neck and scalp areas. Comfort zone Active pureness. Give yourself a treat!

Luce estesa “Radiant light” body gommage

Experience this invigorating and rejuvenating body scrub, for skin deeply renewed, supreme smoothness thanks to Aromasoul Vulcanic scrub by Comfort zone. Particular attention is paid to rough areas such as feet, knees, elbows. This treatment ends with the application of oil enriched with Burro di Karitè from our Comfort zone products “Sacred Nature Bio”. The skin will be radiant, toned and firm. Awakening the skin and the senses!

For Him
Sollievo totale “Total relief” : relaxing massage for the body and face:

A complete massage to experience, in a place where peace and relaxation are the quintessence! A set of sensations related to the use of our Comfort zone products with essential oils, indulge in a full body massage that combines gentle pressure and long, smooth strokes to relieve aches and body tension and invigorate your spirit!

Day 3 : breakfast and departure
• Arrival : the yoga ritual
• Kit with bathrobe and slippers
• Dinner with menu “Eating Well”
• Bed and breakfast
• Accommodation, breakfast buffet
• Rituals of the welfare of the body (in turn)
• Dinner with wellness menu
• Bed and breakfast
295 Price per person for 2-night stay

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